About Montego Bay

History of Northport Marine, LLC and Montego Bay Pontoons and MirroCraft Boats

Montego Bay Pontoons were first introduced in September of 2012 at our annual dealer meeting.

Proudly built along side of MirroCraft Boats in Gillett, WI. We have many Fishing or Cruising Pontoon models to choose from in 16'-24' lengths. Below is the history of our company and how we became about. Click here to watch firsthand.

Mirro Aluminum Company of Manitowoc, Wisconsin first began production of aluminum boats in 1956. Marketed under the name of MirroCraft, the original line offered a series of quality boats for recreational fishing and pleasure. Gradually, as demand grew, the boat line was expanded to include boats from 10-19 feet in length with varying inside configurations and features.

In 1982 several employees of Mirro Aluminum purchased the aluminum boat business from Mirro and relocated the operation from Manitowoc, WI to Gillett, WI. As a result, the name of the company was changed to Northport, Inc. However, the trade name of MirroCraft was retained. The company remained under that ownership until 2003 when the owners of Weeres pontoons in St. Cloud, MN bought MirroCraft. The company remained in Gillett, WI, but was renamed Northport Corp. of St. Cloud.

That ownership group remained in force until 2012 when Northport Marine, LLC bought the company. Northport Marine, LLC consists of MirroCrafts’ existing management team, and has purchased the company from Northport Corp. of St. Cloud.

This buyout will allow MirroCraft to continue building aluminum fishing and fish & ski boats at the current location without any disruption. Since 1956 MirroCraft has been committed to building the best fishing boats possible and are looking forward to continuing doing so. In September of 2012, Northport Marine added their own line of pontoons. Montego Bay pontoons are a great addition to an already successful line of boats and distributed throughout all of the US & Canada.